Esprit Venture Challenged and Rewarded: on delivering the winning pitch for the Boulder Chamber of Commerce

On Wednesday, October 25th, 2017, Asa took his place in front of a 200+ person crowd at the UMC to deliver the last “pitch” of the evening. Before him, a judges’ panel awaited, having been audience to the previous two pitches delivered by the other companies/non-profits vying for the Esprit Venture Challenge victory and $10,000 prize . Asa was there to represent Khala Cloths’ bid, and even though we had been through judging rounds before (that was how we won last year’s “Most Exciting Brand” at the Portland, OR Green Festival), this one was the biggest deal yet. The infusion of the award money would mean so much to us at Khala Cloths – both in terms of monetary and symbolic capital.

The solution to single use plastic is Khala Cloths zero waste food wraps

Did others believe in us as much as we believed in our simple-yet-powerful solution to plastic pollution and food waste?

Asa was about to find out.

2017 Esprit Venture Challenge winners Khala Cloths zero waste food wraps

30 minutes later, Asa was texting Tamar: “We WON!” And Tamar and the kids proceeded to do a victory/disbelief/relief dance.

Even the dog got down!

Since then, things have been an absolute whirlwind: setting up permanent “shop” in Boulder; sharing our brand, product, and message to more and more folks - and thus fulfilling more and more orders! All the while coming up with endless ideas on what artists to work with next to help which charities and causes. In addition to Asa’s tireless mix-master skills, Tamar has been able to dedicate more time to Khala Cloths, amidst spending more time with kids, family, and “dreaming out loud” (to paraphrase an obscure Irish rock band).

Asa McKee is co-founder and owner of Khala Cloths zero waste food wraps

Come say hello!

1/2 of Khala Cloths is Asa McKee, the heart and soul of our operations and family.

Tamar McKee co-founder and owner of Khala Cloths zero waste food wraps

We are family

The other half of Khala Cloths is Dr. Tamar McKee, anthropologist, writer, filmmaker, curator, momma, and small business owner. 

We are so happy and grateful to be able to carve out more space and time to make Khala Cloths become more and more a quintessential Boulder company as well as an essential product for EVERYONE to replace the plastic wraps, bags, and storage in their lives.

Thank you to those of you who voted us through all the rounds, and especially to the EVC judges who made the final call :)

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